Design with Manufacture and Delived to the customer with high quality with energy saving. Extrusion plants which are capable processing any Polymers with any Filler with low maintenance cost.
We design and manufacture with latest Technology for polymer processing.

  Twin screw co-rotating extruder plant with      complete up stream and down stream      equipment.

  Segemented single screw with vented and twin      screw side feeder

we can offer you the range of following custom designed energy saving polymer plant and machinery for 1 to 1000 Kg/hr into the
Profiles extrusion like pipe, channels for RPVC,      HDPE etc.,
Segmented means fully segmented, Barrel and screw. Higher efficient in house produced twin and single helical gearbox with right quality thrust bearings. You can process any engineering plastics with or without filler.
Twin screw extruder for wood polymer processing Available
Twin screw extruder with stainless steel construction is available for food and pharma.